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Asian woman hilariously mocks guys whom write ‚ Simple tips to get women that are asian books

Asian woman hilariously mocks guys whom write ‚ Simple tips to get women that are asian books

The fetishisation of Asian women has to stop

Is not it funny just just how some males appear to think they have been professionals on ‘picking up’ women, because, possibly, that they had a gf onetime?

Well there is certainly a specific subset for this variety of guy whom consider by themselves pick-up-artists (PUAs) for Asian females particularly.

They’ve www.rubridesclub.com/mail-order-brides/ written self-published publications too, so that you understand they understand their material. Titles consist of ways to get A girlfriend that is asian MILF Hunting together with black Side of Asian Women. We understand.

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Nonetheless one comedian that is asian-American taken it upon by by herself to, well, to be honest, roast these guys by hilariously tearing apart their supposedly insightful terms of knowledge for wooing Asian females.

Kristina Wong, similar to people, realizes that not all the ladies of this race that is same exactly the same. It is perhaps not groundbreaking. But her YouTube videos highlight just how much some males stereotype Asian women.

Inside her group of six videos that are short Wong and many other famous feminine Asian authors, comedians, actors and performers come together to refute and mock the claims when you look at the publications.

Bits of advice within the publications consist of: telling a woman that is asian skin appears so white, chilling out at gyms and taking tap dancing classes to satisfy them. Because evidently that’s where women that are asian to hold out (it’s not).

“These dudes distribute misinformation on Asian US ladies, and their publications are ripe for dissection, ” Wong told angry man blog that is asian.

“It’s time for you to flip the script regarding the submissive Asian woman label and upend its cause – white supremacy.